Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I’m sure you’ve heard the story about the local Vista boy killed Friday night. He was skateboarding when struck by a car that kept going. Skateboarding on a dark Vista road. That has no streetlights. That has no sidewalks. Without a helmet. Wearing dark clothing.

Yet the question at the top of an on-line news 8 article reads “How old is too old?"

The man who hit him is 92. He thought he hit an animal and kept going. It was dark. He was on the street. He didn't run up on a sidewalk, or run a red light, or plow through a busy shopping mall, or careen into a crosswalk. He was driving. On a street. Within a marked lane. Abiding by the posted speed limit. But we are blaming his age? I am so beyond angry. Age has nothing to do with it.
Police admit during questioning the man was very sharp for his age.

Where were this kids parents? Why didn’t they know where he was after dark on a Friday night? Why was he not wearing protective clothing/gear? Why was he in the STREET?



Now a mother has to bury her son. A sister has lost a brother. A father has to give a eulogy.

And an old man with no previous record will have to live out his days with this heavy, heavy burden.


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  1. You make me think, and thus my brain hurts. Good post!