Sunday, February 7, 2010

Until Next Time...

Well football season is officially over.

What am I going to do now??

I am ready though…ready for next season. Ready to be a Chargers fan again.
I soon.

But I went through all the steps of grieving and I think I am ready:

What? No way. We didn’t loose. We couldn’t loose. What? Where are we?

nooooooooooooooooo. It hurt. It hurt bad.

Really Kaeding? Really Jackson? Fuck you Turner!

Can you say pans of brownies, not showering for days, and taking up a nasty pack a day habit.

Kicked the pack a day habit, started showering again, and actually could talk about the season without crying.

We aren't in the Super's OK...neither are 30 other teams.

we won eleven staright games….so we had one off game. Who cares. Only two teams made it to the super bowl. And truth be told if you ask me next year at this same time who those sorry sacks were I will have no idea.

I’m ready for next season baby. We’re gonna do this.

Wait…it’s only February and my gut full of fatty food and beer from the Super Bowl is not even digested. Am I really typing that I am ready for next season?! Good god! Am I –dare I say it-becoming a true fan? (Gasp) wtf!
I’m usually the bandwagon fan. There when the times are good, bashing you when they are bad…cuz I’m loyal like that and shit.

I think we have a good team…I hope they don’t deconstruct it too much this off season.

And to everyone saying we shouldda kept Brees…..really?

He had a good year….he could have had a shitty year. When we let him go he had an injury and his recovery was questionable.

I’m glad we let him go. I like him and all but all this 'we should have kept him' shit is crap. We also let Eli Manning go and he took his team to a Super Bowl once….should we have kept him? Brees was ok here…he’s great there. Fuck it…what are you gonna do.

I like Rivers. He’s passionate. He yells and cheers and if he makes a pass for a touch down from the 50 yard line he is on his way to the end zone before the play is made to celebrate. I never once saw either quarter back today do that…hell I love Peyton but fuck man! Pump your men up..he always looks so damn sad and depressed. I wanted him to win just to see if the guy would smile.

But I’m happy for the Saints. I actually like Reggie Bush….he's still reppin’ for San Diego. His twitter before and after the game makes mention of doing this for SD….
(though I guess he could have meant South Dakota. (shit))

Anyways, on to the Olympics and the sorry excuse for a sport-baseball…ugh-I just threw up in my mouth writing that.

There are exactly 114 days until the team reports for mini camp.
I hope I can last.


  1. I thought it was stupid of them to let Brees go to begin with. I think news about his shoulder injury were overblown by the media and Chargers' fans contstant pessimism about everything. Eli refused to play for SD, he was willing to even sit out the entire year instead of play for the Chargers. Thats why he'll always be an asshole. As far as Peyton always looking dour, its because he does take the game so seriously. Still I think he is a little happy the Saints won, he grew up a Saints fan, his dad was the QB and the best Saints player till this years team.

    I also think the Chargers are idiots to let LT go. I think his slip in performance is due more towards Norv's bad coaching and ineffective use of him. Hopefully the Patriots won't take him, if they do they'll go to the Superbowl next year.

    On the plus side, I hear my Raiders will probably keep Cable as head coach. Now if only he would punch Al Davis in the face and rid the team of him once and for all. I swear he's like the Mr. Burns of football.

  2. lose is spelled lose, as in lou's, and not loose, as in moose. :)