Monday, January 4, 2010


I wrote a blog in my head the other night. Here it is:

“I hope the rest of ‘010 is as fucking amazing as the first few days have been.
I can’t wait.”

--But then last night came. The night before school started up again. And of course we let our kids sleep weird hours all break long. So of course our smallest, craziest peanut couldn’t sleep last night.

At 11:30 I finally lay down in my bed and was reading when I felt a small body slide in next to me. “What if I can’t fall asleep until morning?” She was distraught.
“Fine you can lay here for a little bit” and then that sweet little warm body layed her head down on my chest and cuddled in tight and said “mama, if I ever made you a hat it would say ‘#1 snuggler”

My heart melted.

Little asshole….doesn’t she know that I am at my happiest when I am cynical and pessimistic?!

So I guess ‘010 doesn’t look all that bad after all.

I can’t wait.

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