Monday, November 16, 2009

Random Thought Time…Weekend in review +/-

Ok first the ‘+’

Christmastime at Disneyland….chilly night, peppermint mocha,snow on Mainstreet and millions of lights=love.

It got so so chilly in our bedroom that I got to pull out my footie p.j.’s. Yay for footie p.j.’s!

FINALLY had my McRibs. **drool** totally as good as I remember. No-scratch that…BETTER than I remembered.

Chargers win!! I am officially back on the bandwagon...until next week =)

Jeans! I found some that fit. If you’ve been lucky enough…or unlucky enough ;) …to have seen under my shirts you would have seen the embarrassment that my clothes are. I am held together most days by multiple safety pins and rubber bands. And my middle girl talked me into skinny jeans. WTH?! I HATE tight pants. I tried to leave the fitting room to get a MUCH bigger size but the little shit blocked my way saying they are SUPPOSED to cut off your circulation. I can’t feel my feet but I am in style…apparently.

All three of my girls LOVE to read and write. When I was little I always had my nose deep in a book and I was always writing my own stories. I love that this has been passed on to them. My oldest informed me this weekend that she's writing a's a series actually. She is already in the middle of the second book!

Realized Turkey Day is NEXT WEEK! I made my plate diagrams with food portions so as to maximize my intake and make sure that my meaty/starchy/sweet/salty ratios are balanced. I take this seriously. I have my first, second and third helpings mapped out as well as my dessert plate. I think I am ready. I’m in training as well…I will be eating large meals until the big day so as to stretch out my stomach to accommodate all the madness.

Ok gotta balance that positvity with my ‘–‘ list

Oldest pooper wasn’t with us at Disney…she was at her dads. I HATE when that happens. Felt naked all night…would go and turn to tell her something and she wasn’t there =(

Logged on to blog and saw I had 4 followers now. So excited 'til I realized I am the fourth. Asshole.

Before I found those pants that fit had to hit up a few in particular **cough cough Gap at the Carlsbad Premium Outlets cough cough** was a horrible experience. What happened to pride in the workplace and customer service? They were all acting like I was interrupting their little party as they talked and stood around doing nothing. I get it ...they act like shit 'cuz they make shit and they don't give a shit... but come on! Its ok though cuz on the '+' side I am pretty sure I bled in the jeans I tried on. What?? I couldn't help it. I had a super heavy flow and they were dicks.

Footie P.J.'s....I love you but damn that zipper! No access... I can't get a good scratch in them...and you all know I love me a good scratch.

The McRibs gave us the McShits... don’t do McDonalds much so hopefully this initial shock will have toughened our bellies enough for rounds 2,3, and 4 later this week.

Chargers won and I’m on the bandwagon…which is bad ‘cuz when I’m on the bandwagon they usually do something to disappoint me. I am bad luck.

After my oldest informed me that she was writing a series she also shared that I am in it....**so flattered!** Then she also shared that my character is dead by the end of book #1. Is she trying to tell me something?

Thanksgiving is NEXT week. I will be a slave to *someone* this next week as preparations are completely blown out of proportion.

But that’s what it's about right? Family driving you insane, stress, cooking, eating, drinking (a LOT), shopping, cleaning, some more drinking, baking, family, friends…
and McRibs.


  1. I love you and your family. I want to be like you when I grown up! :)

  2. look at me..commenting and shit! sorry for the offensive screen name. I tried 27 others and they were all taken...I was a little frustrated. Let me think of something good to say....hold please!