Sunday, January 10, 2010


Santa this year was very generous. He brought our 13 year old a cell phone. She has done very well with it. She knows her minutes and keeps a little log to keep track and doesn’t use it during school. She has exchanged numbers with a few girls and one boy from her class.

One boy.


This ‘one boy’ likes to text.

Tonight he sent a text.

“Hey your phone went off. Who texted you?”

“Oh just that ‘one boy’”

Suddenly she’s laughing so loud….”He said he likes pie”

She quickly types a message…

“What did you say?”

“I told him I like pie too”

(oh peanut. )

“Why did you do THAT?”

“Cuz I like pie mom”

“ssshhhhhh” (we're in a public place)

“Mom, why can’t I tell a boy I like pie?”

and thus began a rather unfortunate conversation with my baby about boys and how they can be dirty little perverts.
And I am sure tonight in a dirty 13 year old boys bedroom a group of little teenager horn dogs are laughing uncontrollably…..
But it won’t last….
My husband is on his way to kick their asses.

Poor sweet innocent little monkey…

She really does like pie though.

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