Thursday, November 12, 2009

Backward Shirts

Every day when my oldest gets home from school I give her a big hug and get her a snack before she starts homework.
Well today I gave her an extra EXTRA big hug because I got her report card. And. It. Was. AWESOME! Without us even riding her ass! I’ve had diarrhea all week waiting for these grades. It’s a bit of a struggle with her. She’s genius-and knows it-so she’s aware she can float on through school without trying and still pass. But I know she can do better than merely passing if she even puts forth a smidge of effort.
But I digress…
Back to the hug-
So I am giving her this tight bear hug. And I look down. Her shirts on backwards. Oh peanut. She says ‘what?!’, looks down and then decides it’s from when she changed after P.E. class. Her SECOND period P.E. class. So pretty much the whole day. And you know what?-she didn’t care. She said no one made fun of her...that she knows of. And she didn’t seem the least bit fazed.

How? How is she mine??? I am so self conscious and worried generally pretty much with what every single person on Earth thinks of me. I can work over a simple ’hello’ exchanged with a grocery store clerk for days. Did I say it with the right inflection? Did I sound weird? Was I friendly enough? Could there have been any mistaken hidden meaning behind my hello? Did my hair look funny? Did they like me? Did I seem sincere? Did THEY? Did they think what I was buying was weird? Should I maybe go to a different store next time? Did they like me?
(I don’t know why I have stomach issues...)

I want to not care. I want to be able to wear a backwards shirt. I want to not even care that I have on that shirt.
She didn’t even give it a second thought...or a third or a fourth or a fifth or…

And you know what? She rocked that backward shirt! Her blasé attitude actually made it look trendy. It had a little boat neck thing going on.

I just might wear a backwards shirt tomorrow.

Hey, I said ‘might’…lets not get carried away here.

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